17 - Example - weaning: small children at first get up at...

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Example - weaning: small children at first get up at night because they are hungry, mom cuddle him at night, at one point has a provision. He's used it up so his mom had to be near him. Parents make the process of extinction of the stimulus, they show him crying is not always accompanied with a performance of Mother . Inclusion / differentiation - a phenomenon that advertisers are afraid of it, the resulting condition occurs and is also extended to other stimuli that resemble the original conditioned stimulus. If Pavlov would not have found the bell that he used and was using the bell makes a different kind of sound, it is likely that the dog was secreting mucus . Sometimes, we remember commercials without knowing the brand, so try to instill in us the brand name, they do so by a process of discrimination. Differentiation process is a measure of distinction between the conditional stimulus and the stimuli that resemble him. Example: A child whose parents buy a dog, the child learns to distinguish his dog not to fear . In. Operant conditioning : What is new is that there are also action, classical conditioning we associate emotional response reflex. Here, we link the behavior of what is its result, a reaction. It's the basis of degree of behavior. A large part of psychological therapy based on operant conditioning . Much of what we do is that we learned throughout our lives that leads to a positive outcome. Operant conditioning, we do it deliberately . Skinner's experiment: he discovered the concept of operant conditioning . He built a box called a Skinner box, it includes a tray, you can put food and lever . Objective: To teach the animal to run the accelerator . Course of the experiment: Skinner box put into a hungry animal: a pigeon or a rat, when living in a box is raging. Each time she presses the pedal. Skinner measured several times while the animal presses the pedal to see if there is a change occur conditioning . Basic step: clicking on the pedal - measuring the number of clicks an hour . Step 1: accidentally pressed the accelerator gives ingestion . Step 2: Result: Press the pedal as a result of deliberate food gets .
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We know that squeezing directed that more clicks . Conclusion: This condition works right because a basic rule for many organisms . The law called the Law of effect - LOW OF EFFECT: from a series of random actions we choose to pursue those actions accompanied by a positive result the basic concept of operant conditioning is the concept of consolidation, one should ask what is the consolidation and what behavior is intended to strengthen . We will detail the concept of consolidation, there are various reinforcements; positive, negative, punishment . Positive reinforcement - pleasant or desirable result occurs after the behavior
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17 - Example - weaning: small children at first get up at...

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