27 - :Understanding the processes of perception ?What...

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Understanding the processes of perception : What occurs in perception ? British Hamfritzistim John Locke - the perception is always subjective, if one person put his hand very cold water, and other very hot water, and then put it in warm water, they will not feel the same sense . Should look not objective but subjective Bmhina of any person . Every object has objective features - Fiirmri Frofrti, and Skondri Frofrti - qualities perceived by the individual . George Berkeley - to be is to be perceive no material existence without perception. Took the idea of subjectivity to the absurd and said: "I'm not sure Scstrau me dead I'll be really dead ". Concepts arise from the proximity and association between sensual events near the time I heard a carriage I saw her touch her - no idea of carriage DAVID HUME - Our spread the reality is many times the legality of certain habits that are not necessarily realistic. If a pre-B think that A caused B .
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27 - :Understanding the processes of perception ?What...

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