29 - :Psychology as a science :How is the People's view of...

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Psychology as a science : How is the People's view of the psychologist : Psychologist analyzes mental phenomena when it is guided who meet the criteria according to scientific theories . The theory allows him to describe, explain and predict phenomena to implement changes (if you understand the mechanism of anxiety, can help reducing it .( He knew a long series of experiments and controlled studies to either confirm the theory . And if it does not have a theory he will study exact - would conjecture that this statement can be examined . Check it to stand the required criteria of experimental approach to study psychology or adapter Or other research methods And in accordance with the principles of ethics Scientific psychological theory: a theory = set of terms (aggression and frustration) operational settings: - connect the theoretical terms observational (number of times he struck his classmates ( And complaints - relate to the connections between the various theoretical terms (frustration will lead to aggression ( Good scientific theory: certain criteria and contributes a unique repository of human knowledge . Criteria: - College and specific level of compliance of children (and if Danny obeyed his mother) - a lot of subjects ! Scalable - you can incorporate new research results and from different directions . Frugal (Persimmon) - can explain many phenomena with few concepts . Her interpretation of a deep level . Original A reality - its definitions are operational. Empirically testable . Her hypotheses testable by systematic observations and research.
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29 - :Psychology as a science :How is the People's view of...

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