30 - ?What is mind / consciousness Recognition and...

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? Recognition and awareness are cognitive feature that allows us to be aware of external stimuli from the environment and internal stimuli such as thoughts, emotions and physical sensations . Recognition / awareness include : 1  . Tracking - track of what's happening in our environment and us. - Processing of environmental information and interpreting it in light of past, present, future, in light of prior knowledge, perceptions, memories, etc. . Our attention is selective, to prevent a flood of information. Events that are important for survival is usually a primary priority . 2  . Control of ourselves and the environment - planning our actions near and distant future, forecasting of scenarios and planning of implementation . 3  . Part of solving problems and decision making takes place unconsciously . Aspects of awareness : States of consciousness can range from normal to mental situation looks and feels different ; " I traveled and did not hear a word you said " " I was not sure if I dreamed it or it really happened " " I was daydreaming and I felt time was " " I do not remember I went through part of the way while driving " These modes of change in consciousness are called "alternative states of consciousness (altered state of consciousness ( Do animals have consciousness ? Mirror test devised by Gordon Gallup in the 70 question is whether animals can recognize themselves in mirrors. Such self- identification of a mark considered . People older than 18 months, great apes but fatal, some dolphins and elephants also recently passed the exam . Role of consciousness
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30 - ?What is mind / consciousness Recognition and...

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