31 - Far East and perception Guinea Islands was the dream...

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Unformatted text preview: Far East and perception Guinea Islands was the dream of the soul performs journey of wandering and not wake her . He first wrote a book "The Book of Dreams" in the second century AD . " The Interpretation of Dreams" / Freud His innovation was that with a dream we can know more and understand more about the man's soul, and for the estate of his unconscious . Constantin von Economo - first pilot in the Austrian army, he studied psychiatry and worked as a psychiatrist, began to investigate an epidemic (lethargic encephalitis) which spread in Europe in the 20th century was reflected in high heat and lack of balance and difficulty sleeping very difficult. Some died as a result, some could not occur, and some simply could not sleep. He found that sufferers were excessive sleepiness in the midbrain and the ability to sleep with the island were damaged in the hypothalamus. He stated the midbrain and the hypothalamus is the region responsible for the bedroom . Oliver Sacks discovered in the '50s in New York in some Snitrium still suffered from the disease are hospitalized Treated them in l-DOPA . He later wrote the book "Awakenings " Hans Berger - ELECTROENCEPHALOGRAPH first EEG spoke of brain electrical activity . He developed the effect of electric waves in the brain . Nathaniel Kleitman - School of Sleep and wakefulness REM - Rapid Eye Movement .- Measuring heart rate, respiration, blood pressure, blood oxygen level . Lesson No. 4 : The first phase lasts 10 min, the second stage 15 min. The third phase of human sound asleep (Delta waves appear). The fourth stage the most profound sleep, delta waves are more than 50%, and very difficult to wake the person at this stage. The fifth phase (of Rent) are re-waves of Tta that the first stage of sleep and beta -...
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31 - Far East and perception Guinea Islands was the dream...

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