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35 - So to learn the personality has to investigate the...

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So to learn the personality has to investigate the development of man in his early years . Claimed sexual drives (Hlibidinlim) they basically are defects that determine the child's development are the main energy source driving the development - this approach aroused much opposition at the time and sometimes even today . Passions Hlibidinlim / existing erotic baby from birth . Birth, the boy finds his satisfaction by touch and stimulation with the mother (object) Lotmd baby new ways to search for pleasure . Pleasure characteristics change with age ... The transition from one development to another takes place following the interaction of two factors : A. Genetic structure and process of biological evolution - Hkokba the order of steps ..... Fixation - when the mother denied the child joy in your mouth (which is a significant area) can be satisfied due to lack of energy to stay there hoping to get the satisfaction. The higher the satisfaction of this kind, the child will not want to move to the next level. Certain level of frustration in all this necessary transition from stage to stage correctly . During our development we leave energy reserves in the early stages to which we return when mental regression . Negative fixation - relinquishing of much mental energy ... The fixation at one point stronger is related problems at this stage have not been resolved and an adult Vita repeat behaviors that characterized that stage - a man who pushed sucker is not satisfied the full, leaving some of the energy instinctual way of satisfaction and will continue to look for gratification oral smoking,
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gluttony, erosion of the pencil on . Steps in the development of psycho - sexual and how they are shaped : - Oral stage - mouth area is the main source of satisfaction, channel pleasure, curiosity, learning, and the baby's main communication Continued until the age of one At this stage the id is dominant. Ego and superego are still undeveloped. The boy has no sense of self and all actions
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