36 - Genital phase - this phase transition where the fun...

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Genital phase - this phase transition where the fun begins occur sexual and erotic car toward an external object, and this time the parents . This stage lasts from adolescence with maturation of the reproductive organs to the end of life the area is currently erogenous genital again . At this stage the id again raises the sexual instincts but this time against the oedipal phase the child has already crystallized superego prohibits him according to the company to provide the sexual impulses . The company expects to help young people aged 12-13 a few years. It causes emotional turmoil between personalities, I'm torn between the id superego. Results 0 Storm mental and psychological appeal of the area . Freud argued that early genital phase of the sexual instincts directed to the son ...  Secondary oedipal sexual impulses do not disappear but appear in the form of teenagers find a costume to temporarily replace them pregnant, meaning a man or a woman older (revered teacher, counselor ( This mechanism Szabo forbidden impulses are directed to the object is allowed is a kind of displacement, and he explains why teenagers fall in love with movie stars and singers .......   Defense mechanisms : It is customary to distinguish between primary defense mechanisms ....  Displacement mechanisms: - displacement mechanism operates through the transfer of forbidden impulses and feelings are directed toward a / an object to her character may refer them to for example a child may displace anger and aggression directed toward the parent and to express them to his duty, he is not afraid and does not feel her guilt . Little Hans case his fears from his father to the fear of horses . Displacement can also take action, rather than bite and hit something biting the food . Refinement - a defense mechanism based on the displacement
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and refinement of positive impulses and behaviors that are considered developed. Surgery channeled aggressive instincts, sexual dance, voyeurism psychology . The important advantage of refinement compared to other
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36 - Genital phase - this phase transition where the fun...

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