37 - Emotions :The difference between emotion mood Feelings...

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Emotions The difference between emotion mood : Feelings usually they have a clear reason for someone or something. You foiled that you've eaten a lot . Moods are affective states usually vague, not clear to the end .. Emotions are short-term, mood swings can last for several days . Emotions are defined as compatible clear categories (anger, jealousy), more specific moods on the continuum of pleasant and level of arousal. Emotions include the six states of emotion . Wheel of Fltz'ik feelings The study of Schechter and Singer : The combination of physiology and cognition than emotion To feel a certain emotion must be : A. Physiological arousal . In. Explanation of cognitive arousal Perceived arousal and cognitive appraisal are not considered separately Erroneous attribution of arousal : In another attempt to create a state of physical arousal Neotrlit, the subjects employed strenuous physical activity and then a silent partner provoked them . Responded to high levels of anger than those who did not participate in strenuous physical activity . Physiological arousal is assigned erroneously other emotion stimulus .
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Attribution error indicates a dominant effect and initial cognitive interpretation of this case was wrong ... Current evaluation theories - individual assessment of the situation and the individual assessment of his physiological arousal leads to the subjective experience of emotion . Minimalist theory of evaluation particular interpretation of a
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37 - Emotions :The difference between emotion mood Feelings...

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