38 - She thought pattern dictated by the evolutionary...

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She thought pattern dictated by the evolutionary mechanisms of gene dispersal . 4 - year period allows the couple to establish offspring. Committed to maintaining the exclusivity of the man to transfer his genes alone. But the female guard was assured her children and income of their early years at least. Crazy and then they can just leave that the biological duty has been fulfilled. You can then go back and scatter over the gardens . Exchange partner ensures progeny Bat man to another pair: in this way it increases the genetic diversity of offspring and thus raises the chances of survival of his genes . What makes people go : 1  . Proximity (presence of two people side by side is one of the factors that affect the persistence of each other ( 2  . Imagination (of origin / age / color). See a higher percentage of divorce among blacks and whites than among whites and whites . 3  . Seller - more attracted to people we had known . 4  . Interaction - up to 17 seconds not translate the look at each other as something significant. If you look at more than 17 seconds, then looking at is not casual . 5  . Effect indicative of (pratfall effect) - took two men and a women's group heard the two of them, and they should choose the man who designed the university's competition. Tackles one answered 92% of the answers, Student Union President, a sprinter, high grades. Other medium / not an honor student. They chose the H"atrktibi ", then asked how attractive, then they heard that they both happened to some embarrassment, it becomes" part of us ". It gives an answer to the question what happens if we study the importance of very high impact if they convey dieticians
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38 - She thought pattern dictated by the evolutionary...

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