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Class 1: Syllabus and Introduction to the City of Prague A. Legend of the founding of Prague 1. The Legend of Father Czech and Libuše 2. Alois Jirásek and the 19 century ‘Czech National Revival’ th B. Historical account of the founding of Prague 1. Pre-historic and Early Slavic settlements 2. Official founding of Prague Castle by Duke Bo ř ivoj in ca. 890 3. Prague as Bohemian capital, 890-2010 4. Prague as the ‘Heart of Europe’, between Slavs and Germans C. Overview of city development according to art-historical eras 1. Romanesque settlements (890-1230) 6 th -9 th c: Arrival of Slavs; origins of Prague settlements 890: Establishment of Prague Castle and Vyšehrad (mid 10 th c.) 900-1230: Early markets and trade routes, first bridges 2. Gothic town formation, Imperial city of Charles IV (1230-1526) 1230-1348: Four medieval towns established, fortifications built 1230 Old Town ( Stare M ě sto ) 1257 Lesser Quarter ( Mala Strana ) 1320 Castle District ( Hrad č any ) 1348 New Town (
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