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Study guide class - of religious tension art became polemical i.e arguing the cause of Catholic/Protestant An attempt at renovation occurred in the

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Class 5: Late Gothic (1437-1526) This period saw the rise of the merchant class as patrons of art, with themes witnessing the concerns of this class: social status and justice. The Hussite religious reformation led to a diversion of resources away from churches and religious (devotional) art. The early period of the movement saw the destruction of art – iconoclasm. Hussite ideals of preaching and following in the footsteps of the Early Christian communities led to simplicity in church design. The stalemate between the Roman Church and Hussite reformers subsequently caused a rapid decline in artistic and architectural environment through the 15 th century, when Prague became isolated from the rest of Catholic Europe. In the context
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Unformatted text preview: of religious tension, art became polemical: i.e. arguing the cause of Catholic/Protestant. An attempt at renovation occurred in the Late Gothic period under the new Jagellonian dynasty (1475-1526). D. Late Gothic: Bohemian Reformation and the Jagellonian era (1437-1526) 1. Art of the town courts of justice (14 th and 15 th century) Last Judgment , Old Town Hall (ca. 1430) Man of Sorrows- Old Town Hall (14th c) Virgin of the Old Town Market (1393) 2. Art and architecture of the Bohemian Reformation (1400s) Bethlehem Chapel (1399) Manuscript illuminations from the Jena codex (late 15 th c) 3. Jagellonian era (1475-1526) Powder Tower, Old Town Walls (1495) Vladislav Hall of Royal Palace, Prague Castle, Benedict Reit (1495-1505)...
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