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Class 6: Renaissance (1526-1620) The Renaissance style in art and architecture refers to the rebirth of the aesthetic principles and theoretical ideals of Ancient Greece and Rome. The Renaissance style in Prague is largely a foreign import through the Habsburg court. The decision of the Habsburgs to move their seat to Prague was a response to the threat from the Ottoman Empire whose armies were threatening Vienna from Southeast Europe. When the royal family moved north, many nobles decided to relocate to Prague and built new palaces near the Royal Castle. During the reign of Rudolf II (1575-1612), Prague Castle received a major renovation when a new Northern Wing with a Picture Gallery and ‘ Kunstkammer’ (art chamber) were added to house the Emperors large collection of Renaissance art. A. Historical context 1. The Renaissance 2. Introduction of Renaissance into Prague through Habsburg Royal Court
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Turkish threat and relocation of the nobility B. Renaissance architecture 1. Royal Palace: Queen’s Summer Garden Terminology of Renaissance: Classical orders of architecture, window and door features, gables, decoration techniques Vladislav Hall, Benedikt Riet (1495) Royal Gardens and Queen’s Summer Palace, Paulo della Stella (1520s) 2. Palaces of the aristocracy Schwartzenberg Palace (1560s) 3. Merchant homes Granovsk ý Palace, Old Town (1560s) C. Court of Rudolf II 1. Castle renovations and Collections: the ‘ Kunstkammer ’ and Picture Gallery Hans van Aachen- Rudolf II (early 17 th c.) Arcimboldo, Rudolf II as the Roman God Vertumnus (ca. 1590) 2. Mannerist school Bartholomew Spranger- Fame Leading Arts to Olympus (1600) Case study: Late Mannerist art of the Rudolfine court Bartholomew Spranger, Allegory of the Turkish Wars (for homework)...
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