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Do you feel your company - Copy - company there is not a...

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Do you feel your company's formal performance evaluation process is effective? I would have to say that the Company I work for does not have an effective performance evaluation process; I just went through an annual evaluation and nothing was mentioned about what I needed to do to get promoted, or if there was a position for me with this degree that I will obtain during the next annual time frame. I did ask these questions. Let me fill in the back ground on this position, I work at Hurlburt field Florida, in a contract position to support the IT enterprise services to the base. There are numerous positions under multiple contracts the company I work for is based in Texas, and a prior NSA contractor to the shuttle missions. This contract is a sub position to the Lead contract winner. I am 1 of 3 employees here for my
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Unformatted text preview: company there is not a manager on site, all issues dealing with the company is during duty hours via e-mail or phone call. When I first came on to this contract there was an individual that was the Company site rep also. What steps could be taken to make it more effective? Since there is no Company representation a site lead needs to be appointed and that will allow that person to acquire some of the vacant positions and get more contract positions pulled over to our company (more money). They could also be the local point of contact for the company with the resources to assist on site with open seasons for benefits and fact sheets to help employees know where the company policy is heading....
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