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Discuss the value of effective communication and working with teams to create positive change acceptable for most stakeholders; thus, reducing the number of people resisting the change process within organizations. “Sell it to everybody” is the Mantra of our lead supervisor. Sell everybody on the initiative, make sure they understand what their piece of the product means to the bottom line. Effective communication is demonstrated every day, Team building is a competitive edge compared to a flat based “do this now” kind of computer responsive type of atmosphere. Our team building is now in its 6 year and the future is planned out for even more success, despite the down economy. The team spirit is high and all around everybody seems to know what to do to effective handle any situation. It was not too long ago that the stage was set for failure, the Man in charge was on his way out “by reason of insanity” is what the court said and the way he dragged this team
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