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Der Blaue Reiter: The Blue Rider -1912-1914 The Almanac – collection of essays and illustrations that shows the artistic theories of the blue rider Seek in Primitive art the way for a trip to the senses of creativity and artistic inspiration Inspiration from music Inspiration from children’s language Rejection of academic groups like impressionism Wants to explore the most secret sources of emotion and spirituality New language of the internal/spiritual Style and Technique Use of lines, pure shapes, and colors in relation to rhythm No representation by real figures – pure abstraction Found a relationship between art and music - improvisation “If you cannot deform the reality, you can create” Kandinsky Idea was to completely free painting from MIMESIS (imitation of reality)
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Unformatted text preview: • Pure Abstraction: viewer cannot make sense of the painting through MIIMESIS but only lines and color that touches the viewer spiritually “First Abstract Watercolor” Date: 1910 Location: Neuilly-sur-Seine, Nina Kandinsky Collection Description: Very gestural. Irregular shapes and washes of blue, orange, red, greens, and yellows. Very ugly looks like some bacteria under a microscope. Franz Marc • “The Fate of the Animals” • Date: 1913 • Location: Basel – Kunstmuseum • Description: strong use of line and color. There is a blue deer in the ceneter and a couple of green animals on the left. Strong perception of depth and space. Geometric shapes...
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