Impressionism - Impressionism origin of the term/first...

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Impressionism – origin of the term/first exhibition in 1863 Style and technique Break away from the academy/romanticism Light is the protagonist No contour lines Fast brushstrokes Sketchlike appearance Use of complimentary colors to create shadows Reflection of surrounding objects (emphasis on light) Subject matter Contemporary urban middle class in an outdoor setting (role of light on subjects) Not socio-political Landscapes Edouard Manet – beginning of Impression debate “Le Dejeuner sur l’herbe” Date: 1863 Location: Paris – Louvre Description: Outdoor setting in the woods. There are four figures in the painting: 2 men and 2 women. In the foreground is a nude woman sitting and looking at the viewer. She is sitting beside two men clothed one behind her and one to the right of her facing her. The other woman is in the background hunched over as if she were reaching for something. Dark, forest green is the primary color used along with shades. Importance: It was refused by the Salon in the same year and received public hostility which inspired many young painters and led to the birth of Impressionism “Olympia” Date: 1865 Location: Paris – Orsay Description: Response to Titian’s “Venus of Urbino”. There are two women in this picture: The first is a light-skinned woman lying nude on a bed. Her gaze is at the viewer.
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Impressionism - Impressionism origin of the term/first...

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