Post-Impressionism - Post-Impressionism Art phenomena that...

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Post-Impressionism – Art phenomena that occurred in1886-1905 Style and Technique Multiple points of view/perspectives Flat/rich colors Two-dimensionality Timelessness Four Fathers of Impressionism Paul Cezanne - Emphasis on solid geometries Vincent Van Gogh - Visionary painting – expressive Paul Gauguin - Synthetic research – intellectual vision/theory Georges Seurat - Understanding theory of color and perception George Seurat – scientific impressionism. The birth of Pointillism. “A Sunday at La Grande Jatte” Date: 1884 Location: Art Institute of Chicago Description: There are many people at the park looking out at the sea. The painting is made up of little dots and has a contrasting border. Notable figures in this painting are a man on the lower left corner smoking a pipe, a woman in a red dress in the center of the painting, and the women on the far left that has a pet monkey. The man is a worker, the woman in the center is of a lower class, and the woman with a monkey is of the upper middle class. The painting is static and flat. Importance: The 3 notable figures are important because this shows a mixing of the social classes. Impressionists only painted the upper middle class. This is a perfect example of experimenting with color theory. The red border contrasts with the green and makes the painting pop out more than it would without a border. This is also true of the clothes of the people. Along the beach are blues and oranges. White makes surrounding colors
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Post-Impressionism - Post-Impressionism Art phenomena that...

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