Symbolism - Symbolism not a style or movement but a state...

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Symbolism – not a style or movement but a state of mind. Create the reality under the reality Style and technique “Synthetism” and “Cloisonnisme”- style with dark contours outlining flat areas of colors. Not offering an illusion of three-dimensionality Inspired by Medieval Art language Paints imagination Sought after primitivism to remove influence of western culture and bourgeois norms Paul Gauguin – painted just the idea. He never painted from reality. “Vision after the Sermon (Jacob wrestling with the Angel) Date: 1888 Location: Edinburgh, Scotland – National Gallery of Scotland Description: A group of women behind a tree are watching 2 figures (an angel and a man) wrestling in the distance. The painting is flat and has a bold red background. There is a tree in the center that divides the painting almost in half. The figures wrestling are floating in the background because the bold and flat red does not create any depth. The use of synthetism is dominant in the wrestling figures. This technique reinforces the idea that a painting is not a representation of reality but the painter’s vision in his head. The first time an artist paints an idea rather than reality. “Spirit of the Dead Watching: Manao tupapau” Date: 1892 Location: Buffalo, NY – Albright-Nox Art Gallery Description: There is a nude dark-skinned girl lying on her belly. She has her hands up by her head. In the background there is a dark figure to the right wearing a black cloak. Dark ambiguous colors help to create and eerie feeling. The dark figure in the
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Symbolism - Symbolism not a style or movement but a state...

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