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Comments on "A correct and unrestrictive implementation of general semaphores" David Hemmendinger Department of Computer Science and Engineering Wright State University Dayton, Ohio 45435 dhemm@ CS.wright.edu Kearns [4] offers an implementation of general semaphores from binary semaphores that he argues is better than the one I gave in [3], which I have since found in [1, pp. 56-57] and in [5]. First, he has misquoted my solution in his Figure 1 by adding a spurious else in the code for P, making it quite erroneous. Second, his proposed solution is incorrect. It restores the bug that my version eliminates and adds a new one as well. If two processes are in the midst of a P operation but have not actually suspended yet, his version permits two processes to execute V and do two VB's on an unlocked binary semaphore, with undefined result. Furthermore, Kearns uses a counter, s.wakecount to record the number of pending wakeup signals not yet consumed by the processes that are in the midst of executing P operations. However, since each increment of s.wakecount by a V does a VB(s.delay), and each pro- cess engaged in the P also does VB(s.delay) when s.wakecount > 0, if there are N suspended processes when N V's are done, there will be 2N-1 VB's executed. Both mistakes can be corrected by adding the italicized line to his code for V: Procedure V (var s : semaphore); begin PB(s.mutex); s.count := s.count + 1; if s.count < 0 then begin s.wakecount := s.wakecount + 1;
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p7-hemmendinger - Comments on "A correct and unrestrictive...

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