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A correct implementation of general semaphores David Hemmendinger Department of Computer Science and Engineering Wright State University Dayton, Ohio 45435 csnet: dhemm@CS.wright.edu Introduction In a recent issue of Operating System Review, Kotulski points out a flaw in common text- book algorithms for the implementation of general semaphores from binary ones [2]. A small change in the code he gives for these algorithms will solve the problem. The problem If several processes interleave their execution of P and V in the following algorithms that are intended to implement general semaphore operations, it is possible to do two or more suc- cessive V operations on a binary semaphore, and the effect of these successive V's is not defined for such a semaphore. In what follow, PB and VB are binary semaphore operations; minor corrections have been made to Kotulski's code. type semaphore = record mutex, delay : binary_semaphore; count : integer end; procedure P( var s : semaphore ); begin PB(s.mutex); s.count := s.count- 1; if s.count < 0 then begin VB(s.mutex); { the critical interleaving can occur here } PB(s.delay) else VB(s.mutex) procedure V( var s : semaphore ); begin s.count := s.count + 1; if s.count ___ 0 then VB(s.delay); 42
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Suppose two processes each call P(s) when s.count is initially 0, and after the first has just done VB(s~nutex) but not done PB(s.delay), the second call to P proceeds to the same point. Since = -2 and s.mutex is unlocked, if two other processes then successively
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p42-hemmendinger - A correct implementation of general...

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