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Unformatted text preview: MOTIVATION MOTIVATION Dr. M. Thenmozhi Professor Department of Management Studies Indian Institute of Technology Madras Chennai 600 036 E-mail: [email protected] MOTIVATION MOTIVATION Each person think and act like owners → ESOS – Employee Stock Option Schemes Strategic Career Management (Self – Motivation) Restructuring employees Needs Downsizing, merger low morals of continuing Drive-Motivators. Wants Action Satisfaction Motivators - things that induce one to perform. Motivation - drive & effort to satisfy a want or goal. CARROT & STICK THEORY CARROT Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Theory – Physiological Needs – Safety Needs – Affiliation Needs – Esteem Needs – Need for self -actualization Need CARROT & STICK THEORY Contd… CARROT Contd Physiological needs – food, warmth, shelter, sleep Security needs – free of physical danger, losing a job, property, food, shelter Affiliation needs (Acceptance, Love, Belongingness) – work place amenities work – social needs satisfied & feeling of belongingness CARROT & STICK THEORY Cont… CARROT Esteem needs – power, prestige, status, self-confidence Self-actualisation needs – become what one is capable of achieving/becoming become – maximize one’s potential /accomplish Need - Once Satisfied loses its power as a motivator Need Once Hierarchy ERG THEORY ERG ERG THEORY (Alderfer) Existence Needs Existence Relatedness Needs Growth Needs (Personal creativity/Productive influences) Growth People Move up and down the order – time /situation. time Two – Factor Theory of Motivation Factor Herzberg Motivators - Challenging work Motivators Achievement Growth in the job Responsibility Advancement Recognition Satisfiers [Esteem & Self actualisation needs] Two – Factor Theory of Motivation – Factor Herzberg Contd… Maintenance factors (will not motivate but must be present) Status • Interpersonalrelations • Quality of supervision • Company policy & administration • Working condition • Job security • Salary Dissatisfiers / Hygiene factors. (Affiliation, security, Physiological needs) Three Needs – John W. Atkinson Need for Achievement Need Power Affiliation ( Telecommuting ) Balanced / one need stronger than other Balanced People with high need to achieve (McClelland ) take responsibility take set difficult goals take calculated risks greatly value feedback greatly Three Needs – John W. Atkinson Power Power – Degree of control a person desires over his / her Degree situation – Related to how people deal with failure and success. Motivator – Fear of failure – Fear of success Match individual with job Match High Achievement High Challenging Challenging Satisfying Stimulating Complex Autonomy Variety Feedback-Welcomed Match individual with job cont.. Match Low Achievement Low Stability Stability Security Predictability Respond to - Consideration, Co- workers for social Respond workers satisfaction. satisfaction. ...
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