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Assignment 2 Mechanics of Light Weight Structures, TMHL03 2011-10-20 Linköping Univeristy Solid Mechanics/IEI Bo Torstenfelt An in-plane loaded plate in Polar coordinates Background There is a hole, with a radius a , in a linear elastic infinite plate. Far away from the hole there is a uniform load per unit surface σ 0 acting in the horisontal direction. The Young’s modulus E, the Poisson’s ratio ν , the radius a, the thickness t and the load intensity σ 0 are all known entities (See the Excel-file). Plane stress conditions can be assumed. Calculate the stresses and compare it with a finite element solution. Report content: In your report the following should be covered and discussed: Calculate all stress components analytically, at a general r ϕ - position, by use of an appropriate Airy’s stress function. An appropriate stress function is φ (r ) = (Ar 2 + Br 4 + C/r 2 + D)cos2 . Please observe that this function to find only some contributions to the stress field. One other term can be found
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