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Linköping Univeristy Solid Mechanics/IEI Bo Torstenfelt Laboratory Work Mechanics of Light Weight Structures, TMHL03 2011-10-20 Circular plates Background A circular plate with the thickness t and the radius a carries a concentrated force P at the centre acting perpendicular to the plate. This plate should be analyzed with two different sets of boundary conditions: simply supported conditions or clamped conditions along the entire circumference. Report content: In your report the following should be covered and discussed: Calculate the stiffness coefficient k in the center of the plate for the two different boundary condition situations. No formulas need to be deduced. The stiffness coefficient k is defined by the simple equation P = kw where w is the displacement in the direction of the force. Go to the student’s lab and make measurements of the same entity for a circular
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Unformatted text preview: plate in aluminium with both clamped and simply supported conditions. The data for the material can be found in a handbook for a simple aluminium material with a low yield limit. (The lab is situated in the A-building at the upper floor in the C-corridor, fastest reached from entrance 13, lab entrance code: 2019). • No personal data is required for this assignment. We use what are defined by the equipment. • Make a finite element analysis with the same objective. (Hint: Such a model can of course be made in several of ways. By 3D elements, shell elements or axi-symmetric elements. You free to select the simplest of these alternatives) • Summarize the achieved results for the two boundary condition cases and the three different types of analysis in a table and discuss the results....
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