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Unformatted text preview: MT423A: Abstract Algebra I Study Guide for Final Exam Chapters 0 through 8 and Chapters 12 and 13 in Gallian You are expected to be familiar with the contents of chapters 0 through 8, 12 and 13 in Gallian. Even if a term does not appear on the list below, you may still need to know it for some of the problems. Terms You will be asked to explicitly state the definitions for some of the terms below. The definitions do not need to be written down in formal book terminology, but they need to be complete and correct. 1. divisor 2. multiple 3. prime 4. greatest common divisor and relatively prime 5. least common multiple 6. a mod n=r 7. group 8. Abelian group 9. order of a group 10. order of an element 11. subgroup 12. permutation of A 13. permutation group of A 14. bijection 15. symmetric group of degree n 1 16. even and odd permutations 17. alternating group of degree n 18. group isomorphism 19. automorphism 20. inner automorphism induced by a 21. coset of H in G 22. stabilizer of a point 23. orbit of a point 24. external direct product 25. ring 26. subring 27. zero divisor 28. integral domain 29. field 30. characteristic of a ring Problems The problems on the midterm exam will come from the following list. They may be modified in the sense that some numbers or objects may be changed slightly, but the technique for solving the problems will remain essentially the...
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FinalStudyGuide - MT423A: Abstract Algebra I Study Guide...

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