cs201-20111108b-2up - Monitors High-level synchronization...

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Unformatted text preview: Monitors High-level synchronization construct that allows the safe sharing of an abstract data type among concurrent processes. type monitor-name = monitor variable declarations procedure entry P 1 ( ... ); begin ... end ; procedure entry P 2 ( ... ); begin ... end ; . . . procedure entry Pn ( ... ); begin ... end ; begin initialization code end . Operating System Concepts 6.40 Silberschatz and Galvin c 1998 Monitors (Cont.) To allow a process to wait within the monitor, a condition variable must be declared, as: var x,y : condition Condition variable can only be used with the operations wait and signal . The operation x . wait ; means that the process invoking this operation is suspended until another process invokes x . signal ; The x . signal operation resumes exactly one suspended process. If no process is suspended, then the signal operation has no effect. Operating System Concepts 6.41 Silberschatz and Galvin c 1998 Dining Philosophers Example type dining-philosophers...
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cs201-20111108b-2up - Monitors High-level synchronization...

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