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15: Project Prelab -1 15: P ROJECT P RELAB : D ESIGN YOUR OWN EXPERIMENT For your lab a week before the last week of classes: With your lab partner, write down a description of an experiment to do. That is, design an experiment by describing its goals and the kinds of measurements you need to make. The instructor will review your proposal and will supply equipment necessary to complete your project. The following week you will do your experiment in lab. You can try out most of the experiments described by Rossing in “The Science of Sound”: Chapter 15 ( Speech Production ) and Chapter 16 ( Speech Recognition, Analysis, and Synthesis ). A copy of this textbook is on reserve in Swain Hall Library. In addition, examples of experiments performed by former P106/P109 students will be available from your instructor. Find something that interests you. Examples of things you can try: · Record several seconds of different speakers saying the same thing. Compare the spectrograms for each speaker: what is the same, what is different?
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