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Physics Department, Indiana University Intermediate Physics Lab (P309) How to write a Research Paper (Title, less than 10 Words) H.O. Meyer (author's name) 1/10/2004 (date of submission) Abstract Contains a brief summary of less than 100 words. For people who don't know if they want to read the paper or those who don't have the time to do so. Should contain the final result with error and the principal conclusion. No derivation. No references. Write the abstract after you have finished with the rest of the paper. (...the rest of the paper is organized into 4 parts and a reference section. ..) 1. Introduction (part 1) "What is the goal of this experiment?": briefly explain. Discuss the physics involved (just state which law(s) is (are) being tested or what constants are measured, no copying of text books, rather give a good reference [ref] that contains relevant background information). Briefly say what method is used here, how it relates to other methods [give refs], which were used to gain the same or similar information. 2. Experimental Method
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write_paper - Physics Department, Indiana University...

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