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Modern Physics Lab: Black-Body Radiation: Supplementary Notes Rex Tayloe Department of Physics, Indiana University 2/18/03 Misc. Hints: - Read Preston and Dietz, Exp. 8, for more info (and help with the tasks) on this experiment. - Use plastic spectrometer to get a feel for spectrum of Na-D. - Reasonable PMT voltages: 300-500 V. - Monochrometer is sensitive to vibration! - PMT current is read via a circuit inside the PMT housing which converts to a voltage signal (i.e. multimeter should be reading voltage). - PMT is a Hamamatsu R3896.
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Unformatted text preview: - Allow lamps to warm up before doing measurements. Task Notes:- Task 4: Find the Na-D doublet with a wide slit setting (~50 μ m), determine the calibration (and error) with and narrow slit setting (~10 μ m). - Task 6: The idea here is that the temperature of the tungsten filament is higher than the reading from the pyrometer due to the emissivity. Task 7: Measure the filament temperature, current, and voltage for 5-6 current settings of the bulb. Note that the current and voltage for the bulb are AC measurements. 1...
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