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Experiments in Modern Physics Optical Pumping of Rubidium Rex Tayloe Department of Physics, Indiana University 10/9/03 Last Revised: 10/9/03 Goals : Investigate several aspects of the optical pumping of rubidium. Introduction Using the TeachSpin Optical Pumping apparatus, you will investigate the low-field resonances and the quadratic Zeeman effect (Experiments 4B and 4C in Ref. [1]). Equipment - TeachSpin Optical Pumping Apparatus which consists of a tabletop rubidium absorption cell (and associated hardware) and the electronics control box. - rf generator. - pulse generator - oscilloscope Preparation - Read Ref. [1] and quoted references as needed. Experiment - After looking over the equipment, turn on the power switch on the back panel of the control box. - Verify that the set point of the temperature regulator is 50 ° C (see p5-3 of [1] and temp. control manual). - The lamp should be on. While the equipment is stabilizing, convince yourself that the detector is recording the lamp signal and not room lights.
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Unformatted text preview: Determine if you need to darken the room.- Find the Zero Field Transition as explained on p5-4i) of Ref. [1]. You can use the X-Y feature of the scope or just observe the detector output on one channel while monitoring the horizontal sweep on the other.- Once you have optimized the fields, determine the relative light intensity change due to this transition and determine the line width (in mG). Compare to the numbers on p5-5 of [1]. - Do experiment 4B "Low Field Resonances" on p4-6 of [1]. Determine the nuclear spins of 85 Rb and 87 Rb. Then, use the known values of the spins to calibrate the sweep and main coils. - Investigate the quadratic Zeeman effect, experiment 4C on p4-12 of [1]. Compare your data with the prediction from the Briet-Rabi equation. 1 References [1] "Optical Pumping of Rubidium - Guide to the Experiment", TeachSpin Inc., June 2002. Hardcopy available in lab. 2...
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Optical_pumping - Determine if you need to darken the room...

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