thermionic - Supplemental Notes: Thermionic Emission...

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Unformatted text preview: Supplemental Notes: Thermionic Emission Experiment Experiments in Modern Physics (P451) The goal of this lab is to study thermionic emission from a Tungsten filament. The procedure and analysis is outlined in detail in Ref. [1]. The purpose of these notes is to provide supplemental information that primarily deals with the utilization of the laboratory vacuum system. Setup and Equipment Pumping station (see Fig. 1) with various types of vacuum pumps, gauges, and valves. Look over the station carefully, and be sure you can identify all the indicated components before you start. The filament will be inserted into a port on the front of the pumping station. Be sure to carefully study the pins on the filament and draw a connection diagram. After inserting the filament, use a meter to check for shorts from any of the pins to the vacuum vessel before beginning the pump down procedure. Pumps Mechanical fore pump (FP1). Oil diffusion pump (DP). Gauges Ionization gauge (GI). Thermocouple gauges (GTC1,2). In addition to understanding the physics principles behind these pumps and gauges, make sure you understand the pressure ranges over which each operates. Because some pumps and gaugeslike a diffusion...
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thermionic - Supplemental Notes: Thermionic Emission...

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