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GE Energy Wind Turbine 2.5 MW
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Product evolution. It’s one of the things GE does best. Especially when it comes to the next generation of wind turbines. With the expertise of GE’s engineering and global research team, a wealth of customer feedback, and extensive knowledge gained from manufacturing over 5,000 1.5 MW wind turbines, our new onshore 2.5xl machine raises the bar when it comes to reliability and customer value. Improving on our 2.x MW Class design, GE’s new 2.5xl units are designed with an increased rotor size, offering higher energy capture. At the heart of the design is an optimized, force-flow bedplate where all nacelle components are joined on a common structure, providing exceptional durability. Advanced control features, including a sophisticated pitch regulation system with power/torque control capability, and improved use of the drive train damper, mitigate the increased loads of the larger rotor. The 2.5xl also employs an efficient permanent magnet generator, enabling higher efficiency at low wind speeds. A new bearing design substantially increases the life and reliability of the gearbox by preventing bending and thrust loading produced in the rotor from impacting the gearbox — welcome benefits considering the gearbox challenges faced throughout the industry over the last decade. GE utilizes a 20-year accelerated lifetime test to validate the reliability of each gearbox type. In addition, a sophisticated lubrication system, designed to increase reliability, automatically lubricates pitch bearings, yaw bearings, main bearings and generator bearings. GE’s unique integrated suite of controls and electronics provides
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GE_2p5MW_Turbine_brochure - GE Energy 2.5MW Wind Turbine...

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