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John Stuart Mill #4

John Stuart Mill #4 - John Stuart Mill I Liberal Femenism A...

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John Stuart Mill: 11-16-06 I. Liberal Femenism A. Some liberal feminists want to end the legal subordination of women, while others want stronger legal action to ensure equality between men and women 1. They want women to be able to do what men can do, and has historically supported women being able to vote, own, sell, and buy property, and attain other basic rights. 2. It seeks to put women in the same category as men. B. Radical feminists do not reject these measures, but argue that they are only the first step toward equality. 1. Liberal feminism allows women to be like men, but what good is that, considering what men are? 2. Radical feminists want far more reaching change in society, and they want to restructure power in society. They want to rethink the institutions that we have: the work structure, the familial structure and the political structure. This is a way of re-thinking how power works (more toward women). a. They want power to stopped being used as a tool of oppression. So radical feminists think on how they can end the structural sexism in capitalism. C. Difference feminism 1. Argues that there are natural differences between men and women, and these differences mean something. These differences don't have to mean inequality; indeed, many argue the traits of women are superior to the traits of men. a. WE can see from the rule of men throughout history does not show that men are better than women. b. In fact, the women is more apt to care and nurture. These traits should be favored. D. John Stuart Mill is a liberal feminist. The main purpose of the book, The Subjection of Women , is to remove the legal subordination of women. 1. What is needed is not a radical change in society, but in an incremental change.
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