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Locke #2 - John Locke: Lecture 09/28/06 I. Locke is...

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John Locke: Lecture 09/28/06 I. Locke is considered to be the great theorist of liberty A. All people have liberty, except for children, who lack reason. 1. Reason is necessary to understand the laws of nature (p. 10, para. 8) People who understand the laws of reason can live in peace; people who do not, don't. 2. The basic building block of a society is not the individual (Hobbes), it is the family, for children must be properly cared for and nurtured and taught the ways of reason. 3. (p. 18) Locke said that God gave man reason to make use of the Earth for the best advantage of life. a. Therefore, those who don't understand the laws of nature/society do not deserve liberty. B. Many people use the latter doctrine to justify slavery. 1. Locke says that no person can enslave themselves, and makes historical note of the Jews (p. 18) 2. There are times, Locke says, that slavery is justified. When people are captured in a just war, they can be either killed or enslaved. a. However, because slavery is better than death, he can give someone this better choice (p. 93) b. Although you can enslave the person that fights against you, you can't enslave his children or his wife, and you cannot take away his property (p. 94, sec. 182) C. Locke's views on women were not entirely straightforward; he does, however, say that marriage is a contract (p. 43) 1. This is important because only people with reason can enter contracts. Therefore, women have reason. Women are granted a certain level of personhood. a.
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Locke #2 - John Locke: Lecture 09/28/06 I. Locke is...

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