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Machiavelli # 1 - Notes on Machiavelli pp. 1-45 08/31/06 I....

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Notes on Machiavelli pp. 1-45 08/31/06 I. Rise of the City States A. Ocurred in Italy after 1100, and didn't happen anywhere else in Europe. Fuedalsim was on its decline. 1. Monarchies slowly began to spread. The French didn't reach its height of power until the 17 th century. In Machiavelli's time, the great monarchies were in charge of much of Europe. 2. The problem with Machiavelli was that Italy's power was divided into many city states, and because of this did not have the power to stand up to larger nation states. a. Money back then began to translate into military power. Before that, governments would build walls and moats. However, with the emergence of gunpowder and cannons, walls became fairly useless. b. These cannons were bought with money. More money equals more power which equaled success. c. Italy is incorporated in the Hapsburg Empire until it became a nation state in the 1860s. 3. Italian city-states were on the decline in the early 1500s, but people didn't realize this. They didn't have the beauty of retrospect. B. In Italy was a fight between two kinds of people over control: Between Princes and civic Republicans 1. Civic Republicans were people who ran the state through electoral and democratic means. However, the idea of individual rights was not popular. 2. Machiavelli writes about princes in the prince, but he also writes about civic Republicans . Republicans main concern was external threats to their power; they didn't want to have anyone crush their city states. 3. Machiavelli was a minor diplomat at this time and found that he was often ignored. a. While Florence was flourishing culturally and artistically, it was a military joke. When it was attacked in 1512, it held out for three days. Often, when it would attack other cities, it would lose them quickly. b. Machiavelli, a diplomat for the Republic, was exiled to outside the city walls and was quickly accused of plotting against Dimicci, the new ruler of the city. He was tortured, but what he hated more was being exiled. One of the first books he wrote was The Prince. i.
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Machiavelli # 1 - Notes on Machiavelli pp. 1-45 08/31/06 I....

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