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Marx #1 - Marx-Engels 11-21-06 I. Karl Marx was born to a...

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Marx-Engels 11-21-06 I. Karl Marx was born to a Jewish family in 1818 in Prussia. He went to the University of Berlin and became the editor of a leftist newspaper thereafter. A. In 1842, he met Engels and they worked together and wrote together, but it is widely believed that Marx is smarter than the two. It is also believed that much of the work should be attributed to Marx. 1. Marx is not the first socialist; others came before him. Marx had vicious arguments with his contemporaries about the meaning of socialism. 2. He wanted to bring about a socialist revolution; he didn't just want to talk about things, he wanted to take action (p. 145) Marx is interested in theory and practice, and he thinks his theory is empirical and very practical. a. Marx can explain history, and because he knows this, he can explain how history will move into the future. 3. Perhaps Marxism is on the decline. Eastern European Soviet nations have abandoned the theory,and China is hardly Communist. So why read him? a. Even though the Communist regimes of Eastern Europe have fallen, there's no reason to believe that these regimes were a true representation of Communism. i. Marxist theory even rules out the Bolshevik Revolution as communist because the conditions there were not right. ii. The failure of Communism in Eastern Europe represents a failure in a perversion of Communism; also, many of them were Marxist-Leninist, so Marx's theories were twisted. b. Marx is the great critic of capitalism. One may disagree with Marx's vision of Communist society and his prophecies, but one should still find some worth in his arguments. i.
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Marx #1 - Marx-Engels 11-21-06 I. Karl Marx was born to a...

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