Mill-jing - Mill 1 Paraphrase and explain the principle...

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Mill 1. Paraphrase and explain the principle that the essay aims to defend (pg. 441). Mill's essay aims to defend the principle of liberty which says that states have no right to interfere with individual's behavior unless they are harming others. The principle aims to tell what government can do to limit individuations and what individuals can do without getting government interference. 2. Is the duty to coerce always to prevent negative acts and never to promote positive acts? Give an example (pg. 441). The duty to coerce can be used to prevent negative acts or to promote positive acts. Coercion is the act of making someone do something against their will by threats. Government can coerce individuals to perform positive acts such as coercing people to recycle by imposing fines if they do not. Imposing fines is a type of coercion because it forces people to act the way government intends. Positive acts such as recycling can be promoted by government coercion in order to better the environment and living conditions that would in turn benefit people and make them happier. 3. What is the ultimate basis of his argument? The ultimate basis of his argument is self-protection. The government keeps people from harming others so that everyone is safe and no one objects to the government. This ensures that everyone is kept happy and promotes the greatest amount of happiness. His
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Mill-jing - Mill 1 Paraphrase and explain the principle...

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