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poli exam review - Machiavelli: The Prince: Showed how to...

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Machiavelli: The Prince: Showed how to attain and maintain power -Religion has little to do with politics (instead focus on virtue and deceiving) -talks @ church in terms of power, not religion (Pope has Army) -idea that cannot trust people (virtue not @ emulating Christ it’s @ power) -Violence very powerful (Jesus denounced violence Ways to keep power: 1) Live in the state in which you are ruling so you can identify problems quickly and understand the customs 2) Prince must use violence well . Do not be too cruel but violence must be used for strategic purposes. Put the people in awe of the ruler. 3) People must fear you but not hate you. Must be flexible and be able to adapt so you can instill fear but also make sure that you are pleasing the masses -easy to take over new state, hard to maintain it -must have good army. Good army allows for good laws, which are necessary to have good institutions and create good people -Citizens should be in awe of ruler but also respect them and follow the laws. Ruler therefore must protect the people. The masses easier to please than the elite so protect family and property Human nature -people innately bad and want to look out for themselves (why need rulers to keep order) -Prince must seem virtuous but actually act in best interest of the people (know when to be deceitful, cruel, and use force b/c in the end it’s actually better) ex: Caesar Borgia -law for men, force for animals (be like fox and lion) -use cruelty at the beginning of your rule to create obedience. If the subjects are in awe, they will not revolt. Therefore, a little cruelty now will prevent a lot of violence later. -every ruler has the same enemy: FORTUNE
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poli exam review - Machiavelli: The Prince: Showed how to...

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