Rousseau Reading 3

Rousseau Reading 3 - I Rousseau wants to convey 3 Utopias...

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I. Rousseau wants to convey 3 Utopias to us to show man what his flaws are A. The First is the state of nature 1. Man is strong and dependent on no one and resouceful B. The Family 1. The family is the only natural society in the state of nature (p. 142) 2. In a regular society, the right to rule must be legitimate, you cannot rule by force (p. 143). C. The Social Contract Utopia- It is one where people are de-natured, to a degree. 1. Rousseau is not trying to figure out how natural man can be free in civil society, he'd rather transform people so that they can exist in a civil society. 2. He puts aside natural man to create citizens. WE can be natural men, but only in natural society. Or we can be citizens, but in that case, we have to seek to create a new society. 3. In the social contract, we trade our natural liberty for civil liberty (p. 151) 4. Rousseau does not think we can do whatever we want with human nature, but he does think we can change it with proper guidance. D. In the Social Contract, Rousseau trys to tackle the issue of freedom. 1. In the state of nature, freedom is easy. Man does what he wants, and because he wants so little, he clashes rarely. a. Hobbes, by contrast, said that man would constantly invade other men's liberties. b. Locke believed that liberty is not license, and that as long as there are laws that you consent to, then you are living freely. Where the laws have no jurisdiction, you are free to do what you want. i. Locke, however, believes in majority rule, so if you consent to a civil society and you disagree with a law, you consent to the majority rule. 2. Rousseau believes that people left alone, (where the law has no jurisdiction) however, would do the wrong thing. Locke gives more trust to humans to make the right choice than Rousseau does. a.
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Rousseau Reading 3 - I Rousseau wants to convey 3 Utopias...

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