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Notes- 1-12-10

Notes- 1-12-10 - -Northwestern emerged from oral...

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Notes- COMM 160 1/12/10 -Mid 1980s was first time to introduce performance studies department -NYU and Northwestern both created notion of what performance was -NYU (late 60s-70s): before there was theatrical performance -NYU thought don’t need script or be in theater- focus shifted to thought with universal performance traits -developed performance studies from NY performance (in theatre and on streets)
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Unformatted text preview: -Northwestern: emerged from oral interpretation -poetry (Mark Twain reciting Huck Finn would be performing literature)-idea of performing literature through oral interpretation-What is performance? Several theories… decide which one works best for you-it’s any interpretation of a work-altering your actions- for anyone who wants to watch/listen...
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