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notes for 3-16

notes for 3-16 - Poesa buclica Notes for Comm 160-Theatre...

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Poesía bucólica Notes for Comm 160 (3-16-10) -Theatre of the oppressed developed by Agusto Boal- a Brazilian Director -thought of in the 1970s how teach oppression and experiences of it -based off of three tenets: 1)Articulation of social and individual oppression (gender, race, sexuality, class) that you personally identify with- salient to the individual 2)Uses body to articulate it- the body is the means of expression 3)Seeks to get rid of divide between actor and the audience (the spectators) -so thoughts of expression overturned by unity between actor and audience -turn audience into “spec-actor” Audience part of performance.- only through unity of everyone in the space can we overturn ideas of oppression- -in theater of the oppressed there is no fourth wall
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