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notes for 4-20-10 (ch. 8)

notes for 4-20-10 (ch. 8) - Comm 160 notes Tuesday Michel...

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Comm 160 notes- Tuesday 4-20-10 Michel Foucault - French Philosopher who wrote in the 70s and 80s -Sees power more fluidly- it’s like a basketball team. Any good team is predicated on moving the ball through ball movement- the movement is the power- and the ball can go from each player and the other team can get the ball (or the power) -different than Michel deSerto who sees it more as a tennis game which is a match between the strategy and the tactic -the power is among the social body (the institutions and the people)- not just about the institutions having power -he calls this type of power “productive power” because the power is used to produce the idea. This type of power is based off of a relationship that the two people have or the person with the institute. -ex: When Bri came in today she started singing without Kashif telling her to. She was able to do that because of the relationship she has with Kashif- maybe wouldn’t be able to do that
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