notes tues 4-13-10 (ch. 8)

notes tues 4-13-10 (ch. 8) - Comm 160 notes- Tuesday...

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Comm 160 notes- Tuesday 4-13-10 (First part of chapter 8) Resisting performance Aristotle’s poetics: rhetoric (art of persuasion) is different from the poetics ( a fitctional telling of a story or a narrative) -with these two strands of performance create performances of today -three essential types of performances: 1) theatrical stage : stage and audience and we put on the play 2) Streets of the global stage: looking at protests as a type of performance (what this chapter focuses on) 3) Everyday life: performance in everyday life -in development of theater from Aristotle’s notion of poetics to what we now call postmodern theory- 1) Aristotelian stage: play with three parts, beginning, middle, end (plot revealed throughout play) 2) Modern stage: plot more internal to the performers (Hamlet a good example- where the character of Hamlet drives the story- story not driven by external plot but rather the feelings of Hamlet) -also “The Sixth Sense” is a good example of modern theater because the protagonist is revealed as a dead person. Find out that the entire story is basically “fake” because he is dead and so it changes the way that people view the entire movie. Told from internal perspective of one of the actors- it’s toward the end that we discover that Bruce Willis is dead.
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notes tues 4-13-10 (ch. 8) - Comm 160 notes- Tuesday...

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