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Notes-thurs 3-23-10

Notes-thurs 3-23-10 - 1 biological women biologically...

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Comm 160 Notes- thurs 3-23-10 -performativity- how perform identity- Judith Butler -post-modernity: 1) No true self- no true representation of self 2) critiques “grand” or “master” narratives- there is no one, absolute Truth 3)use of language: words- their meaning is socially created -signified and signifier do not have a one to one connection -ex: saying “cat”- people have different picture of what a cat is- no universal “cat” -signifiers are “sliding” -these three tenets (listed above) ground the idea of performativity -identity is something constructed and continually performed (that’s performativity) -theory of identity, critique of performance, and a political practice -foundational approaches to gender- through performativity
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Unformatted text preview: 1) biological: women biologically different than men 2) socially constructed- way act characteristics of masculinity and femininity -idea of “woman hood” and “man hood” 3)sexual differences: women gestate, have menstrual cycle- there are “essential” aspects that make women “women” and a man a “man”-biological, sex, and gender- tie us down as MAN or WOMAN-Butler trying to undo connection between all three- not essentialist view (she’s anti-essentialist)-same thing said for race, nationality, and ability (or disability)-performance of self- find two different roles and highlight conflicts in attempt to explore conflict and write notions of having to be connected...
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