Comm 120 notes- thur 3-25-10

Comm 120 notes- thur 3-25-10 - Comm 120 notes- Thursday...

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Comm 120 notes- Thursday 3-25-10 -brainstorming about favorite place ever lived and why -are favorite places usually has to do with who is living there and who is around us What is a relationship? -3 conditions must be satisfied: 1) you and other must be aware of each other and take each other into account (can’t be a stalker that is in love with someone if they do not know you exist) 2) there needs to be some exchange of influence (we each influence the other-Go to mall because friend wants you to) 3) There needs to be some agreement about the nature of the relationship and appropriate ways of behaving. (have to agree that there is a relationship and what type of relationship it is-what’s going to be involved in it- work friends, work-out buddy, boyfriend, etc) -class says it’s a bond between people, -dictionary: a relationship is a connection, association or involvement- an emotion or some other involvement within people. -There’s dependence, a report, a link -They’re unique, irreplaceable, interdependent, some degree of self-disclosure, and you do it for the rewards Dimensions of IP (intrapersonal) relationships -they are voluntary for the most part (choose friends, who we date- but not neighbor, family, parents)- why do we choose some people and not others -triangle of attraction, commitment and intimacy Attraction: Appearance -we are drawn to people that we find physically attraction -we “should” judge people on how they act, but appearance is important in early stages! -“We view the familiar as beautiful” -we are drawn to people who we find attractive: physically and those who look like us (it’s also based on research) -The good news: -ordinary looking people with great personalities are considered attractive -physical features become less important as a relationship progresses -attractive features open doors, but it takes more than physical beauty to keep them open. Attraction: Similarity -similarity thesis: similar likes, economic class, educational standing, values (we like people who are like us in these ways) (ex: girls in sororities have “stereotypes” for each sorority) -similarities are validating (if you and someone else like the same thing you feel better about liking it because you are sharing the feeling with someone else) -enable fairly accurate predictions -couples with similar religions- most of the time (consistent) is that couples with the same religious beliefs are happier and more satisfied with less conflicts
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-when someone is like you we can kinda predict what we are gonna do. (ex: a friend watches a movie and suggests it to you because they know you’ll like it too)
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Comm 120 notes- thur 3-25-10 - Comm 120 notes- Thursday...

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