notes for Tues 4-20-10 (ch. 12)

notes for Tues 4-20-10 (ch. 12) - Comm 120 notes for...

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Comm 120 notes for Tuesday 4-20-10 CHAPTER 12: Communication in Families and at Work Slide 1 : Families most important in life. Start and end with the family. It is cited as the central and most important social grouping there is Slide 2 : Study family communication for at least four reasons: 1-Understanding family communication is essential to understanding family member and family relationships - If we understand communication between us then we understand relationships more and ourselves. Our family is part of our significant other that help define our self identity 2- Family communication is the mechanism for most early socialization experiences. -early years are most critical to your life (by time you’re 5- you basically are who you will be)- child who grows up in traumatic family situation has a different brain pattern than “normal” children. So that’s why many people say that there should be a stay at home parent until the child reaches the age of 4 because those are the most important years. Child who has always been neglected is always worrying about trying to protect them and survive so they haven’t had time to develop their cognition and such. -experiences -parents are our primary social providers. Parents very important because they teach children how to interact with others and what communication styles to use. Learn early in life the bases of communication style that we will use in adult life 3- Communication is the vehicle through which family members establish, maintain, and dissolve relationships -communication that allows people to meet (parents had to meet somehow) 4- Communication reflects the interpersonal connection among family members -looking at family connection allows researchers to see how you connect with other people -communication is an indicator of the quality of a relationship Slide 3: How would you define what a family is? What people would you include? -Structural definition is about structure within family including father, mother- there has to be a legal marriage, has to be birth- there are biological ties that make a family -psychosocial: based on the tasks the people have within the family. Male breadwinner, female
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notes for Tues 4-20-10 (ch. 12) - Comm 120 notes for...

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