notes week #2 (1-19-10)

notes week #2 (1-19-10) - COMM 120 Recap from last...

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Unformatted text preview: COMM 120 Recap from last class:-Why study communications?-to understand it and increase effectiveness. And we spend so much time doing it-Why do we communicate?-improves life satisfaction and mental and physical health (physical)-improves social needs (relationships)-practical needs (getting things done)-allows us to create an identity-Three models of communication:-transactional communication: shows simultaneous interaction and the noise that can interfere with communication-interactive-linear-Principles of communication-cannot not communicate-intentional and unintentional-can create and help solve problems-its learned-meanings are in ppl not in words-quantity over quality (more communication not always better) Notes 1-19-10 Communication, Defined:-interaction, expression, meaning exchange (our words used)-process of understanding and sharing meaning-the way we seek, process, and share information-communication is a process of managing messages for the purpose of creating meaning Interpersonal Communication-inter means between and personal is people- Quantitative Definition ( defined by numbers): any interaction between two people-dyadic communication (two people interacting) and interpersonal are interchangeable-this definition lacks difference between relationships (ex: talking with friend compared to talking to salesclerk)- Qualitative Definition (quality of communicating): Certain types of exchanges count as...
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notes week #2 (1-19-10) - COMM 120 Recap from last...

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