art history, celtic art 1

art history, celtic art 1 - Hallstatt, Austria is where the...

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Hallstatt, Austria is where the Celts arrived on the maps. Salt mines there. Highly sophisticated culture similar to the Greeks. Stratified society. Ruling class, priest class, artisan class, working class. Interaction with Greece by trading salt, slaves, timber, and raw material. Traded for luxury goods. Hochdorf burial. Farmer plowing hit rocks and discovered it was a burial that rivals the tomb of King Tut. It was the burial of a very important chieftain. Burial has been air tight for 1500 years, and the oxygen coming in once opened destroyed lots of the textiles. Man was perhaps 6’-6’3” tall. Corpse laid to rest on what appears to be a sofa. Also called a chariot burial because a lot of them contain chariots. Supports the idea of transitioning over into the new world. Feasting and drinking was large part of life for Celtics so when dead he took many gold and bronze vessels for a feast. Also found silk from china. Some textiles found had the swastika. Represented the power of the sun. Large cauldron. Originally filled with mead. Actually a Greek export. Probably from south of Italy. Lions interspersed in between handles. One broke off so Celtic tried to recreate it. One on top is Greek and one on bottom is Celtic. Celtic has a much more abstract mane. Greek lion appears to be capable of movement Gold found there was tremendous. King had gold shoes on. They were put on backwards. Believed that the afterlife was a mirror of the actual world so the shoes on the wrong feet in this
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art history, celtic art 1 - Hallstatt, Austria is where the...

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