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Gothic 2 (12-2)

Gothic 2 (12-2) - becomes Christianized – motif of like...

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-Area around city of Paris is controlled by French King Amiens Cathedral  -large façade and looks less imposing (lighter) -Portal -oointed gables and arches -decorative motifs of crockets (added to surface) -string area- “Gallery of kings” below the rose window -dado(bottom area that has portals and column figures -column figures- added another layer of reliefs in dado -Sign of zodiac(God is in control of seasons and movement of time and history)- zodiac
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Unformatted text preview: becomes Christianized – motif of like turtles and crbas shown Virtues and Vices, Beau Dieu, Amiens Cathedral -quatrefoil: four globed square-above is virtues and below is vices-ex: courage personified because has sword and armor (the vice is kid running from bunny rabbit-coward)...
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