Comm 325 Final Exam Review

Comm 325 Final Exam Review - Comm 325 Final Exam Review...

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Comm 325 Final Exam Review Chapter 6: Identity and Difference in Organizational Life Identity —defined as how individuals position themselves in the world through language and action pg. 173 Authenticity —for being real and honest in how we live and work with others pg. 174 Intersecting Identities —complex, fluid, and sometimes contradictory ways in which multiple social identity categories (including gender, race, class, age, ability, sexuality, and others) combine pg. 197 Iceberg Model of Diversity —an iceberg only has 1/8 of its actual mass above the water. Like an iceberg, people have only a limited understanding of another person’s identity when they stop at the “surface,” or the characteristics that are readily observable. Assumed characteristics based on observation or other perceptions are at the “water line.” Many characteristics are not readily observable, but they are important aspects of identity that people often use to describe themselves to others; these are “below the water line.” One complication of the iceberg model is that some assumed aspects of identity, such as gender, race, etc., are not always accurate. The iceberg model provides a clear picture of the many aspects of identity that are included in diversity. Above the Water Line: Gender, Race, Clothing/Attire, Physical Appearance, Age/Generation, Physical disability On the Water Line: Marital Status, Religion – Spirituality Below the Water Line: Ethnic Background, Nationality, Education, Sexual Orientation, Language, Hobbies Interests, Career/Position, Health, Geographic Origins, Family Roles, etc. Relationship between Identity and Ideology
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Comm 325 Final Exam Review - Comm 325 Final Exam Review...

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