Meghan's Organization Notes

Meghan's Organization Notes - Meghan Burris COMM 325 Notes...

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Unformatted text preview: Meghan Burris COMM 325 Notes on Phi Beta Chi Rachel (the AM Educator) begins the meeting o Asks someone if they want to open the meeting in Prayer o Molly prays A lot of the girls are having side conversations after the prayer The girls recite the creed while staying seated All of the girls are dressed casually o Most girls are in sweats/jeans/t-shirts o There is a relationship between clothing and conduct The dress is very informal and the meeting is very laid back, not much if any formality No one in the group is taking notes Rachel introduces some of the officers of Phi Beta Chi o Elizabeth is the fundraising chair She tells the girls her duties and how her position is appointed so she didnt have to be elected Mentions that she is selling coozies and old t-shirts at chapter to raise money for the sorority The girls keep interrupting Elizabeth with jokes and laughter o GaMing is the website coordinator She also mentions that her position is appointed Girls make a joke about the website and how it only has 5 views The language that the girls are using is not very formal at all o Everything seems to be pretty much laid back o The girls easily get off-topic o A lot of background conversations Elizabeth and GaMing finish talking and now its time to get to the actual meeting o Girls get off-topic again to discus Big/Little week...
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Meghan's Organization Notes - Meghan Burris COMM 325 Notes...

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